The Hidden Jewel Gala - LIVE AUCTION

We’re a few weeks away from the biggest party of the year—the Hidden Jewel Gala at Southern Hills Country Club! Here at Project Orphans, we’re gearing up for this exceptional evening with our guests. Every year the auction is a highlight of the event and this year is no different. With the help of numerous generous donors, we’ve gathered fabulous live and silent auction items.

Check out this live auction preview of what we have in store so you can get ready to start bidding!



First To The Valet

Don't wait in line!

The highest bidder of this package will have their car brought up to the front of the Southern Hills Country Club drive through with 2 warm Starbucks drinks and chocolate chip cookies!

Valued at "Time Is Money, People!"

Date NightS FOR A YEAR

Enjoy 12 pre-paid dates with activities once a month for the entire year! This package is full of unique experiences for you and your loved one to enjoy and share. All the details for this package will be revealed at the Gala. You won't want to miss this one!

Valued at $1,750

Handcrafted Smile by Dr. Emily Carter


This orthodontic treatment package from Dr. Carter is sure to have you smiling for years to come! Come bid on a package which comes with braces, records, one set of retainers and teeth whitening, making this a deal almost too good to pass up. 

Valued at: $5,500

Unlimited botox - say, "what?"

Enjoy an evening with two of your best friends filled with fun, refreshments and Botox! Dr. Trad, from CURA for the world, is donating botox for three people in the privacy of their own home. We'll provide fancy wine for this special occasion.

Valued at $2,000



Join us and snag two lower level tickets to an Oklahoma City Thunder game as they play the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

After the game, head on over to the luxury hotel, The Skirvin Hilton. This hotel is one of the best hotels Oklahoma City has to offer! Complimentary breakfast for two and parking is provided in this OKC Escape.

Valued at: $1450