The Pearl Village - Uganda

The Pearl Village is a community that is being built in a remote village, about two-hours from Project Orphans base in Kampala, Uganda. The village is designed to come alongside widows, orphans, and broken-families in need of a helping hand.

We have witnessed a huge need for temporary housing that offers vulnerable women, children and orphans  an opportunity to receive help in order to better their lives and future. A transitional home - also provides a safe environment, off the streets, where they can be sexually exploited, prone to abuse, and/or often starved.

Over 50% of widows in Uganda are illiterate and 61% make less than 5,000 Ugandan Shillings a week (approximately $2 dollars) to survive. The vast majority of widowed or abandoned women have no way of sending their children to school. They have no property and are living to survive!

The Pearl Village helps those living in village with the chance to learn life-skills and receive an education that will allow them to go back into their community, find work, and make a new life for themselves.

Pearl Village Uganda.png

In addition, we will provide education to the children who are in need of an education through Project Orphans Education for a Nation sponsorship program an opportunity to chance the course of their life. 

Below are the different ways you can help The Pearl Village!

Build A Transitional Home

We have witnessed a huge need for temporary housing that offers a safe-haven for those needing assistance. Each home costs $4,000 USD. 

Help Plant A Tree

Fruit trees and other plants help to increase access to sustainable nutrition, provide income for families in poverty, and help clean the environment. Purchase a tree today! A fully-matured tree costs approximately $40 USD.

Water Project Orphans

Build a well for the village

Clean water can improve health, shorten the time spent finding water, and help define and create a strong community. We need 1 more water well. This project costs $7,500 USD. 

Sponsor A Child's Education

For $25 per month, you'll help a child living or impacted by The Pearl Village receive a quality education; helping them stand tall, have hope and have a brighter future!