The Pearl Village - Uganda

Pearl Village

The Pearl Village is a community that will be built in a remote village, about two-hours from Project Orphans base in Kampala, Uganda. The project is designed to come alongside widows and orphans in need of a helping hand. Project Orphans has seen firsthand the devastation and quality of life, orphans and vulnerable women experience after being abandoned. These living conditions are unbearable, and often times they do not have any resources for food, know how to obtain a job or have any money for education.

We have witnessed a huge need for temporary housing that offers vulnerable women, orphans and/or broken families an opportunity to receive help in order to better their lives.

This also provides a safe environment, off the streets, where they are consistently sexually exploited, prone to abuse, and often starved. Over 50% of widows in Uganda are illiterate and 61% make less than 5,000 Ugandan Shillings a week (approximately $2 dollars) to survive. The vast majority of widowed or abandoned women have no way of sending their children to school. They have no property and are living to survive.

The Pearl Village will provide those living on the property with the chance to learn life skills and receive an education that will allow them to go back into their village, find work, and make a new life for themselves. In addition, the community will provide education to the children who have been left orphaned and are in need of an education through Project Orphans Education for a Nation sponsorship program.

Did you know The Pearl Village will provide our community and our neighbors sustainable living? 


The Pearl Village will have goats, chickens, cows and other animals which will all provide added nutrition for the families residing in the village. Milk which is often a luxury will also be available for the children in the village. In addition, eggs will be produced and sold to the local markets to assist with sustaining the village. 


Agriculture & Farming

The farm at The Pearl Village will provide food (grains, vegetables, beans, etc.) for the families within the community and also be sold to local markets to assist with sustaining the village and its efforts. 

Gift Shop

Women living in the Pearl Village will have a shop to sell the products they create in the life-skills center whether it be through sewing, jewelry making or basket weaving. Each person will be able to put to practice the knowledge they are acquiring to manage and create a living for their families once they transition out of the Pearl Village.