Christina and I woke up early to the voices of children talking about visiting Graceland, the name of our ministry partner’s property in Kiwenda, Uganda. They were so excited about their half-day of school and to wear their Project Orphans - Love Never Fails shirts. This day has been one that Project Orphans has been waiting, praying and anticipating! After the kids finished their studies - the kids loaded into the van and we headed off on our journey to Graceland.

The ride for me was so symbolic. Driving through a country full of poverty, homelessness and sickness - it really gripped my heart. I couldn’t believe that we were here. I sat in the bus staring out the window just thanking God for this moment. The past few days, in Uganda, have been so life changing. I have seen devastation that I knew existed - but never thought I would encounter. I saw hundreds of people with malaria, tumors, aids, and other illnesses that have wiped out generations. I have heard stories that would cause people to doubt the existence of a loving and merciful God. But then I saw children - ones who pray with such passion for their country and family. These children don’t just pray childlike prayers, they pray prayers that move me to tears. Their relationship with God is one that is so deep - nothing could pull them away from Jesus. I have seen the mommas, of these once orphaned children, treat them as though they were their own children.  The mommas of the home are so passionate about what they do. They make it a priority that these children know they are loved by God, their family and others around the world. And now I have seen the land where these children and 8 more will be living. This land overlooks miles and miles of “darkness” but now at the top of the mountain is something I would call - hope.

When we arrived at the property all the kids quickly unloaded the bus and began to run to their new homes! They were claiming which room would be theirs and who was sleeping with who. It was so exciting to see the children’s homes. About 2 months ago, Project Orphans donated the funds to build our ministry partner in Uganda a home. They decided this home would be for the boys, which they currently have, along with a couple more. This will allow the girls to have their own space and also open up a few more rooms for more orphaned girls in need of a home.

When the boys realized they were getting their own home with their own momma they were more than thrilled. Of course the girls loved the fact that they were getting their own space as well! Peter, one of the younger boys in the home, was so pumped about his room (pictured below is Peter in his new room). 

Once everyone visited their room and scoped out the homes - we gathered together for the ribbon cutting ceremony. At the ceremony we dedicated the home to God and explained to the children why they were so special to Project Orphans and everyone back in the U.S.A. Mercy, one of the older girls, prayed for the home, the children who would be living there and those who have helped donate to build them a new children’s home. After the prayer, Benna quickly cut the ribbon as we gave Sherry the plaque for the boy’s home. 

This day is one I will never forget. I don’t even know how to explain the joy that is in my heart. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in building this orphan home! I can promise you that the children who will live in that home will be world-changers, they will love God with all their heart and passionately tell the world about their Lord and Savior.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! We are so excited to see all that God will do with these children and we cannot wait to build more orphan homes for children like these around the world. 

With love in my heart,