Unlike last week I am going to start you guys off with a little video.

 You ready? …okay, GO!


That beautiful little diddy was “Faint Not” by Jenny & Tyler

The feels, right?

I think a lot of times us big hearted folks have a hard time continuing to motivate ourselves to keep chipping away at the needs of this world.

Its overwhelming at times, when you see the seemingly never ending list of needs while looking down at your own two hands realizing you are only one person, and can only do so much in this life of yours.

Many people say things like,  “come together” and “be good willed”, but these thoughts alone cant save the world.  The proof of the worlds need is there, and we have the tools to address them. But unfortunately a lot of people see the needs of this world multiplying quicker than we can tackle them and in turn give up, or forget to care because its so easy to go on with our lives when we aren’t faced with these atrocities in our day to day lives.

This song reminds us to “faint not”, to love in spite of hate, and to allow the Light to shine even in the darkness of this world.

Despite the burden we might feel trying to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders it’s important to remember the blessing of it as well. We were given hearts big enough to feel the pain of this world, yes, but our hearts are also big enough to feel all the joy this world has to offer as well.

Its important we encourage not only ourselves, but one another, to continue the fight to protect and most importantly, love, all of our brothers and sisters of this world.

The needs may seem too many, and we too few, but giving of yourself to help aid the needs of others will never be in vain.

So faint not fellow Project Orphan-ers, you are fighting the good fight.

With love,

Amanda Furtaw

(Project Orphans Summer Communications Intern)