Hello there my dears!

A few weeks ago I hosted a Free Music Friday event at a local coffee shop in my home town of Bay City, MI. To raise awareness and funds for Project Orphans in order to bring Homes of Hope to more beautiful little children in need. 

Being able to speak about this beautiful organization with so many people within my own community was a blessing in and of itself. But even more touching was seeing people I didn’t even know very well rally together to help me make this a successful night for Project Orphans! 

Wonderful local bands such as Oliver And The Attack of the Lovely played for FREE, and all of the bands who did so were brought there by my friend Alice Vanston. She and so many others really worked hard to make this night a successful one for Project Orphans and the children who benefitted from it. It was such a blessing to watch these people get passionate about something so near and dear to my heart.

Opportunities like this have given me the rare opportunity to really SEE the glow in peoples hearts. The glow that can only be emanated by such a loving, compassionate, and glorious God!

It was a beautiful night of music, laughter, friendship, and most importantly HOPE. 

Im sharing this with you because I want you guys to experience moments like these as well. Its a simple way to get involved and help those in need through an organization like Project Orphans. 

Please FEEL FREE to send me a message and ask for assistance in hosting an event just like this in your home town! You dont have to be a certain age, professional, or have a lot of money to make a difference. 

I can truly say hosting events like this for organizations like Project Orphans have been BY FAR the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

So I encourage you to take the opportunity to join us and experience this for yourself. 

Love and blessings always,

Amanda Furtaw (Project Orphans Summer Communications Intern)