Hey there gals and pals!

My name is Amanda, and I am the new summer intern for Project Orphans and I could NOT be more excited to begin working with this incredible group of people to bring hope and homes to orphans around the world.

Way back when, amidst my early and awkward years of high school, I realized my passion for sharing Gods love and hope to the poor and the needy. By the grace of God I grew out of my more awkward stage and began to grow in my faith and relationship with Christ, which in turn helped reveal my desire to bring hope and a future to the fatherless children of the world.

After spending my first two years of college studying elementary education I finally came to the realization that becoming a teacher wasn’t positioning me for a job with the non for profits I had always dreamed of working with. I wanted to be where the action was happening. I wanted to be talking to, and participating in the making of a change for the children with the biggest needs. After speaking with a few well-known non-for profit groups I decided to switch to a field in the area of communications. I finally settled on beginning my studies in Advertising, where I could learn to put my creativity, people skills, and enthusiasm to use while learning to be the best activist I could be for the causes that I felt God called me to do something about.

And here I am! Little ole me decided that I couldn’t wait until graduation to start participating in making a difference. I needed to start now. I needed to DO something. I applied for numerous internship positions with non for profits but when I came across Project Orphans I could not believe how perfect this organization was. Project Orphans not only addresses the need for giving orphaned children hope and a home but they stand firm in their belief that God is where the solution lies.

As soon as I ran across Project Orphans web page, I felt God pulling at my heartstrings, saying; “THIS is what I have planned for you. You will make a difference, and you will do it in My name and to bring Me glory. “

I saw that the application deadline was literally only a few days away and realized that applying so late meant my chances of receiving this opportunity were slim, but I had to do it anyway. I have never felt more blessed in my life and cannot wait to spend my summer working with Project Orphans to bring Gods hope and love to these children. I have no doubt in my mind that Project Orphans is going to do some incredible things, and I am so excited to be a part of it this summer!

 I can’t wait to get to know all of you fellow Project Orphan followers! Please feel free to share with me your passions, ideas, or whatever is on your hearts! Love Never Fails, and together just imagine what we can accomplish?!

With love,

Project Orphans Intern Amanda Furtaw