We finally made it to Uganda around 10pm Saturday night. After about an hour and a half drive, with no street lights whatsoever we made it from Entebbe Airport to the New Creation Family Home in Kampala. Once we got to the home Brittany and I were greeted by Mama Sarah, and Charles, the oldest boy in the home who stayed to help with our luggage. We came in and we were quickly given the run through: where to put our bags, where we were sleeping, and how to use the toilet and take a bucket bath. We had no idea what to expect, but one thing I was relieved of was there was not a roach or rat in site!

That night Brittany and I got into our beds, after 2 days of travel and no showers. We sprayed down our mosquito nets and covered ourselves in Ultrathon. The last thing we wanted was Malaria.

The first night, I slept a few hours and woke up to old Jamaican songs, and Bob Marley playing outside. Who knew? Almost right after, the rooster crowed. Yes, it actually happens.

Sunday morning we got out of bed, and were greeted by 17 children, saying, “Hi Auntie I’m Margaret, Hi Auntie I’m Benna, Hi Auntie I’m Peter,” and the list goes on. Each of them are so sweet and unique in their own little way, and the one thing common in them all is their love for Jesus. It is evident in the way they carry themselves in everything they do.

Later that day we went to Church, and out for pizza with Sherry and Ken with their Missions Team. After, we went to Mengo Hospital to visit George. George is a strong little boy, suffering from typhoid fever, as well as malnutrition. It was so amazing to see how Sherry and her team were so committed to bringing him back to health, no matter what. Each day two teammates stay by his side, making sure he is getting his medication and feeding him.