Who will donate to the cause? What businesses, churches and individuals will help support this organization? What financial support will I have?  How will the doors open in other countries to begin to build orphanages? What will it take to have people stand behind this vision? What if I fail?

There it was. The one word that made me want to give up, the word that I have been running from this entire time. The word - FAIL. The thoughts of doubt have played in my mind for numerous nights over the past few months. The thoughts of failing and uncertainty almost made me set aside the dream and passion that God had stirred in my heart.

In Isaiah 6:8 it tells us of the blessings that will come when we fully consecrate our selves to God. We know that when we surrender to Him it is no longer our will but His. The Lord tells us in Philippians 4: 6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding.”

Not being anxious, letting go of all control and taking huge steps of faith is easier said than done. God doesn’t want us to stay stagnate He wants to stretch us and see us grow.

I’ve realized in my life that I rather follow God versus fight with Him to follow me. God knows exactly what we need to be successful and to fulfill the dreams He has placed in our hearts. That doesn’t mean we don’t go through struggles. God wants to know that no matter how bad the situation might look like – we still have complete faith in Him. It’s by completely surrendering to Him saying - here I am. All yours. Use me and I will go for you! Your will be done. That is when God begins to move mountains.

I guarantee you that Project Orphans is founded on faith. I am not a multi-millionaire with thousands of connections. I am a young-woman who has partnered with her best friend to build orphanages for children in need of a home. Together we will daily take steps of faith and pray for open doors, donations and divine connections. And the reward will be substantial. Children who are living on the streets will be comforted to know that they can finally call a place home and be a part of a family.

By giving complete control to God we are exercising our faith muscles. For any muscle to grow it requires time and work. I encourage you to become fully devoted to God. Give Him everything. Then watch what He does through you!