More than six years ago, Project Orphans began with a mission to build homes for the most vulnerable orphaned children. Over the years, we have seen walls built through the generosity of donors and friends who believed in and supported the vision. Through partnerships with vetted organizations and years of experience, homes were planted in Uganda, Brazil, Haiti, and Guatemala. This was a testament to our challenging but rewarding journey. Little did we know that the idea of safe-homes, warm beds and house parents would be just the beginning.

Witnessing the overwhelming need in Uganda, we realized the urgency to plant roots and establish a non-governmental organization (NGO). The passion in our hearts seemed to grow to another level of intensity after establishing an office in Kampala, Uganda. Our vision increased and we saw a massive need for so many hurting and fatherless souls in the villages where we worked.

Thousands of children, women and broken families needed a voice. The communities we began working within needed people to encourage them to dream again and have hope for a better future. Most importantly, they needed support that would allow them the chance to not only survive but thrive.

Tears overcame us as we stood on the unoccupied land of the Pearl Village, envisioning its potential. We knew Project Orphans was so much more than an organization making a difference. Project Orphans had become a life-line that would help lives live again.

Today, Project Orphans sees the impact of a dream we never thought possible. This dream didn’t happen overnight, but the impact we have had is more than we ever imagined. It is often overwhelming to have so many lives depending on an organization, depending on us. We didn’t plan on building a church, medical centre or transitional homes for the abused. Our goal wasn’t to create life-skills training courses, spiritual development programs, elderly and widow services and provide assistance to children with special needs.

But our eyes have been opened to the dire need; saying no or turning a blind eye is not an option.

We have dreams for the future that are overwhelming and sometimes scary. We know that with this comes more responsibility and more lives depending on the families who support Project Orphans. But we are expectant that as we deepen our stakes and expand our reach, we will continue to bring hope and restoration to the people of Uganda.

With this, we are thankful, thankful for all you have done and all you have sacrificed. Because of you, transformation is happening. Together we are paving a path toward a brighter future for many. The people of Uganda are hopeful and grateful as they are being educated, empowered, and equipped.

With love, Brittany and Christina, Co-Founders of Project Orphans