An Update From The Field - Written By George

The second school term in Uganda has started. The kids have been blessed and performing very well in their respective classes. The school started on very serious note. We had located seven children who were in need of an education and receive the opportunity to get off the streets and into the classroom. Thankfully, our team in US was able to find sponsors just in time for these children to join our Education Sponsorship program! God is great, Project Orphans was able to pay all their fees, thanks to their sponsors who loves these children endlessly.

All the kids in the sponsorship program are enjoying their life at school. In addition to the children, we have been able to give Jalia (Julie), the first Pearl of The Pearl Village, the opportunity to go to beauty school and begin life a new.  She is the first of a kind to benefit from the pearl Village project.  She learning the skills to better her future and be able to stand on her own. In addition, we have also enrolled three young girls into secondary school (Margret, Sharon and Esther). We pray for the best for our children in the education sponsorship program.

Most recently, Project Orphans was honored to host CURA medical team which saw thousands of people and treated them of their diseases. We saw patients in Acholi Quarter, the community surrounding The Pearl Village and then hosted a private clinic for the children who are part of our programs. The doctors identified several patients who needed treatments from the hospital and surgeries. We will be taking some of them for surgery in July or on the children's holiday. 

We had several amazing miracles happen in the month of June.

A Life For Christ. It's amazing at how God our Father operates. Bena (a child in our sponsorship program) has an Auntie who had been bed ridden for sometime - was recently treated by Project Orphans. She was found by my wife and I in her home dying.  Thankfully, we reached her in time and brought her to the hospital for treatment. There she was healed and treated for an infection and severe malaria. She could hardly walk, talk or stand on her own - when we found her.  It was a dark and challenging time for her; but God was faithful. She gave her life to Jesus and is now living to better her life and do things that will not harm her body. We are praising the Lord for her commitment to God. 

A Job For Richard. The father (Richard Ochoki) to Timothy, Lucky and Blessing (children in our sponsorship program) was appointed as assistant at their church. God is shinning His light in this family. The family had been separated for the past two years, the children were staying in the village with the Jajja (grand-mother) in North Western Uganda. The Father was in Mbarara District and the Mother was living in the Western part of Uganda. Once Project Orphans came in the picture to support the children - the family was reunited. However, they faced many obstacles. The fact that Richard is going to church and now found a position within the community is speaking to God's love and His plan of restoration with this family.

Sarah and I appreciate all the support from those across the world. We could not do this without your support. Project Orphans is honored and blessed to have you as part of our family.

George Sanger, Project Orphans Uganda Director