A Run For Orphans - Pittsburg, TX

Hi everyone!

            The last few months with Project Orphans have been very exciting! We recently finished what was probably the biggest part of my internship this semester, which would be the 5K Race Project Orphans put on in Pittsburg, Texas. I know I only witnessed a small glimpse into the amount of work it took for both Project Orphans and the First Baptist Church of Pittsburg to pull off such amazing event. Honestly, I was humbled and privileged to get to join Project Orphans in Texas. I have been able to witness first-hand the dedication and sincerity it takes to fuel a nonprofit. The dream behind the organization is definitely not an emotional fling, because I have watched those who are on staff give their lives to very hard work, which has been sustained for years now. It takes a sincere vision to not only push through hard times, but also to continually give your best and your all to the work behind it.


            The day we left for Texas ended up being about a 20-hour day, from the time that we left to the time we got home, and it was well worth it. I remember as I saw all of the decorations and activities being set up at the church thinking to myself that this event was way bigger than I had thought it would be. There was so much going on, from food trucks, to bounce houses, and a DJ, to people squirting each other with glow paint. It was crazy to see how much had actually been pulled off and how many people had come together in support of Project Orphans’ mission.

            For me this event was a very important part of my internship because fundraisers are a critical component of nonprofit work, so it was a great learning experience. I got to glimpse the amount of effort it takes to pull off a fundraiser, and also how God can use it. Not only is there a lasting relationship between the community of the First Baptist Church and Project Orphans, but the event also raised way more money for Project Orphans than I thought was possible. It happened because of the willingness and commitment of every person involved, especially the community in Pittsburg, who decided to partner with Project Orphans in the effort. It was a wonderful experience because I was able to glean so much out of it, while also having fun. It was also a blessing to see the Lord come through in how much this one event accomplished.

With Love,

- Taylor, Project Orphans Intern