Let's Party

About a month ago Christina and I were talking about The Pearl Village and how it's been very upsetting to see the people who live in this community not grasp the hope that is coming to the area. The people living in the village of Kalanamu, the community which The Pearl Village is being built, are hurting people. They are extremely poor, very sick and many have no means to make a living to provide food for their children. When I was there in January it had rained just for a brief moment and literally every home was empty because the women had gone to dig in the garden praying their crops had received water because they were so hungry from the drought. It broke my heart in pieces. That day, I also noticed that the people in the village weren't very inviting. It was almost uncomfortable being in the area were we were planting roots of our organization. I could feel the oppression and anger - it was like a weight on my shoulders. I asked George why are all these people were so cold and giving us the shoulder? He shared with me how the people of this village have been hurting for a long time. No one has come to help them. And they truly believe no one ever will.

Since then, I've been beating my head against the wall - trying to figure out a way that we can get the community to realize that they are not forgotten and hope is coming! I want this community to know that their lives have meaning and they are the generation that will break the cycle of poverty in their community.

The moment we walked the property of The Pearl Village, I knew in my heart that The Pearl Village was supposed to be built in Kalanamu. Yes, there is oppression, darkness and so much sadness in the area; but that doesn't mean we give up. These people need to know big plans are coming. They will soon have a medical clinic for basic medical care, acres of livestock and agriculture where they can learn how to grow and produce their own crops, new investments into education in their local school, a water well, and hope through job training and life-skills! 

So the question I asked myself was, "What do I want our first impression to look like?"

That's when I had the idea that...


The kingdom of heaven is compared to: a wedding banquet. What’s more joyful than a wedding banquet? We spend many thousands of dollars on them. This is the one event where we happily eat more than we should and dance like fools—and no one seems to mind. It is a carefree, celebratory event.

It is a picture, Jesus says, of the kingdom of heaven. And if the kingdom of heaven is among us in Jesus (Luke 17:21), it is partial picture of the essence of God's love now!

I quickly got on Skype with George, Sarah and Christina - and shared how I wanted to serve 2,000 to 3,000 people a full-blown meal with soda, fish, chicken, pork, potatoes and more... How we would need tents, chairs, and a stage for music and dancing. They were silent for a moment or maybe two. George most likely thought I was crazy (since I'm known for testing the limits in the group); but Sarah and Christina were all on board! 

Sarah shared, "That sometimes moments help people fight for their lives." I was confused by this statement. She then explained that you can give someone an item that they truly may need - but that can only last so long. "This is a memory in their life that they will never forget," Sarah said. "These people will know that when they walk past The Pearl Village and see the construction and work that is happening - that LIFE, JOY, and HOPE is coming!"

So for the past month we have been working on the details. We have rented thousands of chairs, tents and met with local vendors who will supply the food. We are throwing a party that will be unforgettable. We are going all out! Why? Because that's what God does for us. He goes all out for us. 

The Pearl Village Party will go down on Saturday, June 3, 2017, right after we host a free medical clinic (sponsored by CURA for the world). We will treat people's illnesses, feed their stomachs, break ground on a village of transformation, and party! 

Obviously - this idea isn't cheap. Feeding 2,000+ people can get expensive. I'm sure you can imagine. I know this isn't something we would normally fundraise for; but it's important. It's the first steps towards restoration and an opportunity to speak LIFE into people's lives for the first time. If you would like to donate to The Pearl Village Party you can do so here or going to our donate page! 

To learn more about The Pearl Village watch Opening The Gates to the Pearl Village! It shares the goals and how women and children's lives will be changed for generations to come. 

Hope to have you join us - as we throw the most unforgettable party these people will ever see!

Brittany Stokes, Co-Founder of Project Orphans