Meet Sherina

Sherina _ Project Orphans Uganda

Sherina is no ordinary girl. At seven years old, she possesses a powerful personality that is warm and captivating. She is always smiling and loves being around people. Her pure young love has made her everyone’s friend. She is the kind of girl whose beautiful smile and presence light up the room.

Before joining Project Orphans, she used to attend a nearby school in her community. However, since her mother was unemployed, she couldn’t afford to pay school fees. Sherina had to drop out of school.

Ever since Sherina joined Project Orphans, her life has tremendously changed. She has made so many new friends, learnt how to read and write as well as articulate herself proficiently. I believe the future is bright for her,” says Sherina’s mother.

Sherina attends Top Class at Kampala Academy. Her favorite subject is numbers and she loves Teacher Teddy because she teaches her numbers. Sherina wants to be a teacher when she grows up so she can teach numbers to her students.

Her best friend is called Martha because they to play dodge ball and skipping rope together.

In her free time after school, she loves reading her Bible. Her favorite Bible story is the Birth of Jesus. She also loves shading her coloring books that her sponsor gave her.

I love my sponsor so much. I want them to visit me every day so we can play together,” Sherina says with a huge smile.

When I asked what she likes most at Project Orphans, Sherina says she enjoys devotions because they sing and read story books as a family. Her favorite song is Baby Jesus.