Let's Get Real

The past four months of my life have been insane. From giving birth to my second daughter, Kynlee - who has had a pretty rough start, to potty-training Briley, to being a wife, working a full-time job, traveling to Guatemala for Project Orphans missions, deciding to build and open a school in Uganda (outside the children’s home we built about three years ago) and throwing a 5k Glow Run in Pittsburg, TX,  it’s been crazy! I have cried so many times, had doubts about leaving my children to travel for Project Orphans, been frustrated with the unending to-do-list and felt a tremendous burden on my shoulders to figure out how we are going to raise enough funds to build this school for these kids in Uganda. 

But the Lord said, “Do It.” 

So here I am. Being as real as I can get. Project Orphans is my heart beat. When the Lord told me that I was going to start an organization to build orphan homes alongside Christina (Co-Founder of Project Orphans) never did I expect the emotional toll it would have on my heart and the amount of faith I would learn to have when the Lord told us to do something that seemed way beyond our reach.

We have built five homes in the past five years for the most incredible children, provided a water well for our community in Fortaleza, Brazil, funded several community initiatives in the villages outside our children’s homes and traveled with amazing people sharing God’s undeniable love. It’s been amazing. But honestly, these things couldn’t have happened without people like you. 

The people I’ve met and some who I never have - truly have made all these things possible. We are not a huge organization caring for millions of orphans around the world. We aren’t feeding thousands of children each year. We don’t have a huge staff that is able to fundraise and promote our vision. There is just our small team, who are all volunteers, and you… and look what has been done.

I am about to head to Uganda with some pretty amazing people in just seven days. The past couple weeks have been insane for all of us! One team member has been fundraising like crazy to pay for this trip. Another is stepping away from work and going way outside her “norm” to go and serve kids she has never met.  There is a couple who is leaving work and their daughter to donate their talents in capturing amazing videos so we can share all that is happening with those who follow our organization. Another who knows this is where he is supposed to go but literally freaking out about traveling all the way to Africa! We’ve all had our moments that could have led us to stay home instead of doing what we know we are supposed to do and go

In the past three days I’ve seen more miracles than I could have ever dreamt. Donors I have never met and those who I do know have donated towards the building of this school and doing so brought me to my knees in tears. I’ve seen those who are about to depart for Uganda with Project Orphans receive new business, promotions at work and raise the funds to cover their trip. On Monday, I was running a fever and did not feel like heading to Pittsburg, Texas to work on the upcoming Glow Run; but I did, and over 45 amazing people showed up to help share with their community about the Glow Run and get behind this event. One of the girls who is traveling with us broke out in hives due to a reaction from the Typhoid medicine she had to take before traveling to Africa. Today, she literally is healed! Plus, we have an amazing intern that came at the right moment and time - who has packed duffle bag after duffle bag of items for Uganda.

Let’s be real. The devil doesn’t want us to go on this trip. He doesn’t want you to help us by praying for our team, sponsoring a child or donating to our organization. He doesn’t want to see broken and once orphaned children learn of God’s amazing grace and grow up to share God’s love with their villages. 

But guess what - that’s exactly what is going to happen. 

People are getting behind this mission and the things we’ve been called to do! Our kids in our children’s home are going to grow to be men and women of God and change their nations. We are going to raise the funds needed to give kids the opportunity to receive an education which will change their life. Our businesses are going to flourish because we are obedient to do what God tells us. Our kids are going to be healed. Our churches are going to grow. Our impact is going to be larger. Why? Because that is what our God wants for us. He loves us so much that He wants to bless us for our faithfulness in the hard times, see our families come to know the Lord and protect us in this journey of life. 

I encourage you to not give up on your dreams. Do the things that God tells you to do no matter how wild it seems. It takes faith, hard work and perseverance on your part and literally God will do the rest!

Please pray for our team as we travel to Uganda and continue to raise funds to build these kids a school. We are excited about what is happening at Project Orphans - and know this is just the beginning!

With all my love and thankfulness,