A Woman With A Big Dream and An Even Bigger Heart - Meet Joyce

It was only but a few weeks ago when I met Joyce.

That morning we arrived in Acholi Quarters. An area where Joyce and her family along with 10,000+ others fled to escape the brutal massacres being carried out by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).  Local vendors on every corner, kids running up and down the streets playing tag, and mommas sitting on the steps greeted us as we drove by. We pulled into the driveway of a small building, which was called their "church". We stepped inside and it was so much more than a building. You could feel peace, this was a place of refuge.

Shoes blocked the entrance and kids filled the space to the brim, laughing, singing and for what seemed like the entire time- there was nothing more on their minds but to enjoy each others company and to try to forget what life is really like outside of those walls. 

This is the daily reality for many. I remember looking up and seeing Joyce. God's hand is on her and she is different, this place was different.

And God is doing a new thing.

We took some time with her as she welcomed us into her home. She began to open up about being a pastor's wife, mom, and ‘momma’ to many of the kids she watches from her extended family and how she loves on them on a daily basis. I couldn’t help but admire her transparency, her faith, and her courage. The kind of courage that is reckless. The one that moves you!

She is doing everything she can to help support and care for her family, and we (you reading this) and I get to be a small part of that.

You see, I truly believe God brings people in our lives that carry us through seasons. Some seasons where we may feel like we can’t take another step. He brings in people who can support us, encourage us and push us closer to the finish line. There’s a fresh momentum when we begin to link arms with those paving a way for others, and when we allow God to work in us. Sometimes its uncomfortable, but God orchestrates things perfectly in His timing.

Joyce expressed the many hats she wears, and how many days she is running solely on the hope she has for her family. It's tiring. It's rewarding. It's brave, and now, It's our time to help.

She showed us the necklaces her and her daughter make and the desire to see them sell so they can have extra income to provide what her heart yearns to do for her family, and when possible for her community. They are hand woven, and take two days to finish one. They're beautiful. 


She has BIG dreams, and through her faithfulness and trust In God- I know they are already beginning to take shape.

Joyce may not see the big picture now, but she is making a difference! And we are so excited to join her in this journey, and support her.

My life changed when I asked myself If I would be willing enough to give what Joyce gives on a daily basis. Could I strive to be more like her? She walks and loves just like Jesus does. Brave, compassionate, selfless and looking for no reward other than seeing others reach their full potential and live a life fully devoted to Christ. 

God desires to use you just like He does Joyce and her family.  

I wanted to share Joyce's story with you, I would like to ask you to be a part of helping Joyce provide for her family and community by purchasing this beautiful handmade jewelry.  

If you'd like to do more and help spread the love she is pouring into the people of Acholi please visit our shop and purchase one of the necklaces made by Joyce!

With love,

Joy Cage