The Power Of A Collective Impact

Often times when donations are given it comes with a message of: “I hope this truly helps and makes a difference,” or “What Project Orphans is doing is incredible and I hope I can help make a difference through my support.”

No matter the size of donation - your generosity is opening doors and helping Project Orphans further its mission of caring for the vulnerable women and children of Uganda. 

When the community who stands behind Project Orphans works together through a donation, shopping our online store, sponsoring a child or funding a specific project - the impact is immeasurable because we are collectively bringing change and making a difference. 

Over the past year your generosity has gone above and beyond. 

You attended Projects Orphans 3rd Gala and showed your support by raising the most funds we have ever raised in one night! 

You traveled and served, shared the gospel, provided medical care and served some more! 

You have sewed into the building of Suubi Home - our missions base and guest house, the residence for George and Sarah, Project Orphans Executive Directors, and also houses children (on a temporary basis) who are unable to live at their home due to an immediate danger or risk. 

Breaking Ground on Suubi Home
Suubi Home Being Built
Project Orphans Kids at Suubi Home
Ashiraf 5.png

You have provided education for now 42 children in our Education for a Nation sponsorship program, along with medical care, food and the basic necessities. You are changing their story and helping to put an end to the cycle of poverty in their families. Your kindness is helping to keep families together, as grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents now have hope that they so longed for! 

Ian Recovering from Surgery

You provided medicines for thousands, surgeries for children with hernias and provided a life saving surgery for Ian! 

You opened the gates of the Pearl Village, planted 80+ trees to help feed the local community and brought hope to an entire village - that would have never seen it otherwise. Not to mention brought employment to many allowing them to better provide for their families.

Pearl Village Party

And this doesn’t cover it all! You have travelled long hours to visit and care for the children, loved on them, provided medical care, a bed or a mosquito net!

And for those of you stateside your love has been felt all 8,000 miles away in Uganda and the smiles say it all.

Thank you for all you have done, for all you have given, for all you have sacrificed- because of you transformation is happening. The people of Uganda are being educated and empowered - their families equipped and cared for; and fewer children will fall into poverty. We look forward to walking alongside you and continuing this journey together in 2018, and the many years to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

- Christina Yarid, Co-Founder of Project Orphans