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About Blessing’s Cove

Blessing’s Cove is a daycare designed to improve the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and their communities.

We accomplish this by providing tuition-free care and services to children with special needs. Our goal is to ensure that children with disabilities and special needs are receiving the care they need and the support they deserve.

On a daily basis, our children are being fed three meals, learning different ways to communicate and doing one of their favorite things: playing outside with the staff! There’s always lots of laughs at Blessing’s Cove and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Project Orphans works to come alongside families who have children living with special needs by providing hope and by demonstrating all children are worthy of love!

Services and Therapies Provided at Blessing’s Cove Include:

•Music therapy

•Sign language skills

•Simple communication and lifeskill

•Basic physical therapy

•Spiritual development

•Play therapy

•Lunch & nutritional snacks

•Parental training & support

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We rely on people like you to support the work that we do – and couldn’t do it without you! Every bit helps. Below is a list of needs at Blessing’s Cove:

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • School Supplies

  • Sensory Toys

  • Plates, Cups and Utensils

  • Small blankets

  • Non-skid socks

  • Plush toys

  • Bibs for Toddlers and Babies

  • Sign-language DVDs

  • Van for transportation

  • Funds for special events, parties and treats!

Blessing's Cove Uganda

the girl Who Inspired US

Meet Blessing. She was Project Orphan’s first child with special needs enrolled into our program. After seeing the impact simple therapies, unconditional love and a healthy diet had on her life our team decided to take the next step and open a daycare for children with special needs. That is how Blessing’s Cove came to be!